Mercury fully fitted deals on a range of a range of outboards from 40 to 300 hp on now! 



Fully fitted models on special


Fitted price

Approx per week financed 60 months at 9.99% from





$13,499 (1x ex stock special)


60ELPT Command Thrust

$13,499 (1 x ex stock special)



$19,299 inc



$20,899 inc


115XLPT Command Thrust 

$21,863 (1 x ex stock special)



$25,999 (1 x ex stock special)


175XLPT V6 



200 V8 Pro XS DTS

$38,373 inc (1x ex stock special)


200XLPT V6

$35,823 (1 x ex stock special)


225XLPT V6

 $38,999 inc (1x ex stock special)


250XLPT CMS midsection V8 



250XLPT AMS Verado midsection V8



300XLPT CMS midsection V8



300XLPT AMS Verado midsection V8





Terms and conditions: 

  • Price excludes removal of previous outboard motor and controls, repairs to electrical systems, fuel system/dash repairs, and transom repairs. 
  • 40 to 60hp price includes: control cables, side mount control, tachometer smartcraft gauge, alloy propeller and standard install
  • 90hp to 150hp price includes: control cables, side mount control, 2 x smartcraft gauge, stainless propeller and standard install
  • 175hp to 300hp price includes: dts harness, side dts mount control, 2 x smartcraft gauge or vessel view 403, stainless propeller and standard install, battery cables not included. 
  • Deal ends 31 July 2024

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